Learn my method to monetize your passion (pre-sell ends March 30)
This is course will start on the 2nd of April. 
It's final price is £298, but you can buy it now for just £75 if you order NOW. 
The price will go up in soon!
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What is Start a Side Business in 90 Days course?
You might think that you don't have the time to start a side business or it is a risk you are not willing to take. The truth is that it is much more risky to have only one stream of income - your job. You need to make time for plan B. And once you are at it you might as well get wealthy. 

The decision you make today will shape the future of your career and impact your path to a better life.

This program is inspired by what I have learned from humble beginnings in Chicago where I was building my first company, while working full time and traveling from project to project. To quitting my job and successfully running my companies.
Just £75 (for now)
This is course will start on the 2nd of April. 
It's final price is £298, but you can buy it now for just £75 if you order NOW. 
The price will go up in soon!
Here is What We'll Do in This Action-Oriented Online Course:
  •  DREAM IT: 
  •  Step 1: Finding Time For Your Business
  •  Step 2: Uncovering Your Interests
  •  Step 3: Quickly Validate of Your Idea
  •  Step 4: Skill Inventory and Time Plan
  •  BUILD IT: 
  •  Step 5: Network
  •  Step 6: Build Partnerships
  •  Step 7: Numbers
  •  Step 8: Build the product
  •  SELL IT: 
  •  Step 9: How to Sell
  •  Step 10: Making an Action Plan
  •  Step 11: Online Presence
  • Step 12:  Automate
This online course will include 12 modules that cover 12 steps to starting a side business from scratch. 

This is 6+ hours of quality video content designed for busy professionals and first time entrepreneurs starting their business. If you are feeling time-strapped, overwhelmed and distracted by the wide array of advice and guidance on the internet this simple and powerful steps are for you. 

You won't have to worry what to do next, this course is packed with actionable strategies that work. Include in the course are email scripts, questionnaires and PDF workbooks that will dramatically speed up the business building process.

I want to share with you how I did it and distill years learning into this course so you can successfully monetize your idea.
This is course will start on the 2nd of April. 

It's final price is £298, but you can buy it now for just £75 if you order NOW. 

The price will go up in soon!
Why Should You Listen to me:
Hi, I am Karolina, I am a serial entrepreneur, investor, coach and a speaker. 

I spend time with very successful people, serial entrepreneurs, celebrities and billionaires. I met Gorge Ross - mentor to Donald Trump, Hugh Hilton, Mel Gibson, Jon Travolta and many more. I started my first businesses as side projects, while working full time in a corporate job. 

I used to manage multimillion-dollar projects for world’s largest energy company. During that time I traveled the world, lived and worked in 7 different countries in the past 10 years, build my companies and worked full time. I since left my full time job and focused entirely on my businesses.

Now I am running a network for female entrepreneurs in London, we are growing to be the number one female network in the world for professionals and business women looking to start and grow companies. I also run Job2Business Coaching Academy where I coach people how to start a business. 

I help people just like you live the life they know they can have!
What My Students Are Saying
"I used to be overwhelmed when thinking about what to do to pursue my ideas, I always felt I didn't have time considering my demanding full time job– I was always thinking about it, but I could not find the courage to start... After working with Karolina, I’ve shifted my entire way of thinking about getting started. By using her strategies I was able to allocate more time to organize my thoughts and prioritize my work better.

I am still trying to figure things out every day, but Karolina is always there for me, she doesn't mind me calling early in the morning or late at night, she is available 24/7!
Working with Karolina made me realize that it’s possible for me to move ahead with my business idea and make it happen! She is empowering, productive and consistent. I can't recommend her enough!"

Juma, Muzdat - Founder, CEO of MAHIRI
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